Monday, March 4, 2013


Does anyone else have Adele's Oscar-winning song stuck in their head? I have been singing it since last Sunday night when she won.

We spent part of the day traveling home from Texas on Saturday, and every time I looked at the seat in front of me, I would sing the song but replace the words with 'Skymall". (Disclaimer: I did not make that joke up. I saw it on Twitter, and now the Skymall song is actually the one stuck in my head.)

The flight directly coincided with Campbell's afternoon nap, and after a small delay on our flight, homeboy was NOT havin' it. There is a "point of no return" when it comes to nap schedules, in which the child is too tired to sleep. Sounds ridiculous, but it happens. And it's the worst. And then we got on the plane. 

So there was a little screaming on his part, but I recently discovered that I can stroke his forehead and cheeks with the back of my hand and it has a similar effect to if you touch a Great White Shark on the nose. (In case you don't partake in Shark Week, that means it puts him right to sleep.)

So this child sprawled out on top of me and slept for about 45minutes - 1 hour while I had the arm rest jammed in my back, and bounced my leg the entire time so he wouldn't wake up. Plus my other leg/foot was completely asleep. Oh, Motherhood. It was worth it for him to get some sleep.

He woke up happy and ready to go. Kennedy grabbed Campbell and got his sippy cup full of milk out to give him a little snack. We use these Nuby flip top straw cups. They are advertised as no-spill, and for the most part, they spill very little.


UNLESS YOU ARE 30,000 FEET IN THE AIR. Then, the pressure will create a vacuum inside the straw cup, and when you flip the top up, it's like Old Faithful up in there!

So from where I sat (by the window), Kennedy is holding Campbell in his lap, and the cup is spewing milk ALL OVER THE CABIN. I literally saw him look at his hand and follow the milk geyser up like Tom does when Jerry hands a stick of dynamite to him with a really long fuse that has already been lit.

For some reason, Kennedy thought turning the cup sideways would stop the madness. Nope. Sprayed a sleeping man in khaki shirt/pants/shoes in the face. 

He finally shut the flip top and I looked at poor Campbell's face. He was crying. And milk was dripping down his face. It was literally the only time I have ever laughed when he was crying. I mean, HE HAD MILK ALL OVER HIS FACE AND HE WAS CRYING.

I don't think the milk-soaked people around us thought it was funny, so it got awkward for a minute while we got our giggles out.

Then, on the way home from the airport, we ran out of gas on the interstate. No joke. It was like 20 degrees outside, and I was planning what we would get for dinner, and we ran out of gas. Then I rode in a cop car to the gas station in a shady part of town, and the cops had to help me fill a gas tank because I had never done it before. (These officers were so helpful and kind. I was thankful they didn't make fun of us to my face for running out of gas. Who does that??? We do, apparently.)

Then when we got back, the car battery died. So we had 1 gallon of gas in the tank and had to wait 20 more minutes for a wrecker to jump us. 

I was wearing TOMS. My feet were freezing. Poor Campbell was bundled up in a blanket in his car seat. And it was 1.5 hours past his bedtime.

We finally got home at like 10 pm. I had a sandwich and ice cream for dinner.

Yesterday, I started a mini-project painting a mirror frame for our powder room. I hung it up and hated it. When we were getting ready for bed, the mirror fell off the wall and all the paint got chipped. At least I didn't like it.

Today I was showering and a piece of trim on the window fell down.

Oh yeah, and last week, a piece of siding was RIPPED off our house by wind. And birds started building a nest in the eave where it came off.

The sky is falling.


Kristen J said...

I just LOLed at work at the milk gyeser.

Shelli Nisly said...

I laughed until I cried about the spewing milk fiasco!!!

Court said...

You just gave me a GREAT giggle session, I love life sometimes, especially life as a mom. Thanks for sharing the not so perfect side of yours this week!

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