Thursday, November 8, 2012


Now that the political status updates on Facebook have died down, I feel like I can blog again without accidentally making a snide comment. I have admittedly typed up entire blog posts just blasting everyone who has ever made an ignorant political comment, only to talk myself out of posting it by remembering that nobody cares about my opinions on the matter (just as I don't care about theirs.)

Annnnyway, you're all welcome. I've spared you my wrath for now. :-)

I came up with an idea to entertain Campbell this morning and thought I'd share. I KNOW I'm not the first person to do this, but I haven't heard about it on Pinterest yet, so I thought it was safe to share.

I scooped some bubbles out of a pot I cleaned with dish soap. I put the bubbles in a tupperware container, and here's my little cutie going to town.

He loved it!

This was after he dumped all the bubbles out onto the floor.

Next time I do this, I will make sure to have him in just a diaper and sitting on a couple of towels. Or maybe I'll just plop him in the bathtub.

This morning I woke up to frost on the ground and a nice fog hanging in the air. It was so peaceful (maybe not for any commuters) and was the perfect thing to get me in the mood for Christmas.

I don't care if you are annoyed that stores already have out their Christmas displays, I LOVE IT. I started a Christmas playlist on Spotify today and it's pretty good so far, if I do say so myself. I also am ready to start making some Christmas crafts and putting up our trees (yes, plural!) and other decor. 

Judge me all you want, but why not celebrate Christmas for longer than 25 days? Don't be a grinch. I'll be blogging about all my Christmas decor, just as soon as I take down the Halloween stuff - Haha.

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Courtney said...

That is so funny. You have no idea how many times I typed up status updates or responses to "friend's" stupid ones, and would just sit there and dream about hitting Send. Thankfully I was able to realize it was a bad idea before I ever did it {and because Jeremy would kill me} but dang I got close.

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