Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blogtober's over

And I'm still blogging. It's definitely not a new habit though. So don't get your hopes up.

Our house is like a bad version of Clue right now. There's a sledge hammer in the guest room. A power drill in the nursery. 3 tape measurers in the kitchen. It's a little out of control, but I'm leaving it until Kennedy gets back in town.

Not because it's necessarily his mess to clean up, but because I have easy access to "weapons" should the need arise. (Fun Fact: Anytime he's out of town, I have an 'intruder plan' for any room in my house. I am really good at thinking of creative ways to use items as defense mechanisms.)

Today I finished the package of cookie dough I bought on Monday. It was a really shameful moment. Almost an epiphany, but not quite. I have GOT to quit eating like this, and maybe now that the cookie dough's gone, I can move on to healthier pastures. One positive step is that I replaced my daily Dr Pepper with a Cherry 7-Up today. It has antioxidants!

I'm not even trying to lose weight, I just want to quit poisoning myself with so much sugar. And I need to work out, because the closer I get to the big three-oh, the more atrophied my body becomes. I feel so oooooollllllld!

Also today, I went to Target. I needed some Hercules Hooks and white chalk, but only found some overpriced knock-off versions of the hooks, and no chalk. I couldn't believe Target didn't have ANY chalk?!?! I just needed white chalk. So instead I got two beautiful white enamel picture frames on clearance, and a stuffed turkey hat from the 1 spot for Kennedy.

He's going to be so excited when I give it to him. I'm thinking it's a good replacement for "the apron" I made him throw away about a year ago. If you don't know what apron I'm talking about, then you weren't at our 2009 New Year's Eve party. (Right, Kara Johnson LaPenna?)

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Courtney said...

I'm sad Blogtober's over. You need to sill update a lot with pictures of your house projects and baby project.

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