Sunday, November 4, 2012

42 weeks

Campbell. Is. Amazing.

This past week I feel like he has grown up SO MUCH, and it is unbelievable. Not like he's the first baby to ever develop and grow, but he is the first one I've gotten to see change on a daily basis. I used to think people were so obsessed with their kids because it was like having a mini version of themselves around, but I know now that's not the case. He has some traits like me and some like Kennedy but he is completely his own unique person. I feel like I've learned so much about HUMANS in this short 9 months. Maybe that's the science teacher in me.

Two weeks ago, he was crawling but still mostly interested in just laying on his back and looking around. Now, he is pulling up on everything and getting into EVERYTHING. It's miraculous.

Campbell is a tiny bundle of personality. He loves everyone and everything. He is pure, infectious joy. 

A couple of weeks ago, this kept him occupied for a few minutes. Now he is fearless, lunging at anything. Just going for it. Of course this makes me a nervous wreck on high alert, but he is just so dang adventurous.

Campbell is hilarious. He loves to smile and laugh, and already is trying to make us smile and laugh, too. This picture is when we were rocking in the rocker and he kept looking at me and making this sound like "Nnnnnnn....Nnnnnnn". Crazy boy.

He has his dad's woo factor. He has been determined to make Elvis love him, and has finally figured out the key. It's giving his toys to him. Look at the budding friendship taking place here. After months of feelings of jealousy and scorn, Elvis is finally seeing a different side to this whole extra human in the house thing.

See what I mean? Pure joy.

Talking with his BFF Cece

Loving on Cece

Today at church, Campbell was in the nursery and we got called (via a secret code on the screen) to come get him. He wasn't crying or hurt, but the helper quietly pulled us aside and asked if Campbell was breastfed. She said, "Um...I think he's hungry." Turns out C was using his hunger cues on a poor unsuspecting stranger.

Kennedy and I laughed because he got us "kicked out" of church. Let's hope this is the last time though!

I literally cannot believe in 10 weeks that he will be 1 year old!!! When did that happen? My life was changed by him 18 months ago, and I could not be more thankful.

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