Monday, December 31, 2012

Waiting for the ball to drop - 2012 Stats

2013 is MINUTES away. I'm a little sad to say goodbye to 2012, because it was a great year for us. Our family grew and our hearts were filled with love over and over again this year. So I'll join the blog world in re-capping our year.

14 - The number of hours I was in labor with our little bundle of joy. (Give or take a couple. And it wasn't like 14 hours of pushing labor...just 14ish from beginning to end.)

9 - Number of weeks of maternity leave I took before going back to work.

13 - Number of weeks back to work before I "retired." (I didn't really retire.)

352 - The number of days I have gone without getting a full 8 hours of sleep. (Also the number of days I have been nursing Campbell... and counting.)

3 - Number of baby monitors we have been through this year.

 3 - Number of airplane trips Campbell has been on this year. (And we survived!)

5 - Years of marriage to Kennedy.


946 - Miles we moved from our Texas home to our new Indiana home.

10.5 - Longest number of consecutive hours that Campbell's ever slept (It happened last night! I think it's because he's a little sick.)

2 - Number of days past my due date before C was born.

This picture was taken ON my due date at the Dr's office - Jan. 11

8 - Number of teeth that baby has!!!

17 - Hours in the car on our road trip to TX for Christmas (plus 17 back.)

50 - Number of weekly photos I have taken of Campbell (2 more weeks to year! Thanks to Young House Love for the idea!)

74 - Number of blog posts I've done this year!

464/493 - Number of instagram photos of mine/Kennedy's.

I think it's obvious what the year of 2012 was all about for us. Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! Wishing everyone who reads this a happy and prosperous new year. Wishing everyone who doesn't read this would just read it.


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Courtney said...

I loved this, you guys did have an incredible year!

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