Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to be a mom

What did moms do before Google? I think if you could take a look at my google history since Campbell was born, it would make for a hilarious list. But there is literally an answer for almost every single question I've thrown out there.

And yes, I google things by asking questions. Google is my personal genie (or AskJeeves?). For your entertainment, and my records, here is but a glimpse of things I have actually googled since becoming a mom.
  • Why is my infant's poop green?
  • Why does my baby hate me? (In fairness, this was at his first growth spurt and it felt like he cried all.the.time. I didn't know then that this was normal...)
  • How many times a day should a 2 month old poop?
  • Post-partum night sweats
  • What does diaper rash look like? (Diaper rash slide, gross!)
  • Poopy diaper slide show (I promise, this is important for medical purposes!)
  • What are the implications of an infant using media?
  • "Baby has sensitive gag reflex"
I know there are at least 400 other crazy things I've googled, but thanks to my mom brain, I've forgotten them. I am not even counting all the breastfeeding questions I've asked Google over the past year...That's like a whole other post and I feel like I could probably pass a test to become a lactation consultant at this point.

The GREAT thing about googling your mom questions is that there are some great answers and encouraging words out there. I have yet to freak myself out or misdiagnose Campbell with the information I've found. I think the key is that I keep looking for an answer until it tells me I'm already doing the right thing.

Hey all you moms out there! What have you learned from Google?

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Laura @FoodSnobSTL said...

I learned this weekend that my child won't die if I don't if her amoxicillan isn't refrigerated. Apparently, I am the only person on earth that didn't know it was supposed to be in the first place. Working hard on that mom of the year award . . .

Oh and the poop slide show is extremely helpful.

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