Friday, December 7, 2012

Tiny Rooms

Well the holidays are upon us, and while things around us speed up, the house projects are slowing down a bit. I can't really tell you what I've done this week. Other than not drinking Dr Pepper since LAST WEEK. (Wait...maybe that's why things have slowed down?)

Last night, I actually said out loud that I didn't care about finishing decorating for Christmas. OUT LOUD. I couldn't even believe that came out of my mouth. We don't have a single light outside. I have only put up 1 of my 3 nativity scenes (and it's a nativity that we actually have up all year round, so that doesn't really count.) I have no energy!

Where was I?

Oh yeah. So we actually tackled 3 rooms in our house before Thanksgiving, and I never got around to sharing the end results. Actually, it's because they weren't done yet. And they still aren't totally done, but they're done enough to share some progress.

The rooms are small and the budget was almost nil (because I'm cheap like that,) so here's where we're at!

1. The Laundry Room
Something you should know is that we went from having a huuuuge laundry room (by laundry room standards) to having a walk-thru laundry room. What that means is that you have to walk through the laundry room to get to the garage. There are 2 doors in this tiny room, plus our washer and dryer.

The pro is that we can't store much junk in there. The con is that we can't store much junk in there. In our old, huge laundry room, we rarely did laundry because we had so much junk just shoved in there. So I'm trying to stay positive here about my tiny laundry room.

I painted the room Valspar's Woodrow Wilson Putty, leftover from the office. Kennedy took out one of two cabinets above the washer/dryer and put a shelf across the top. I put a tension rod in the empty space so we would have somewhere to hang clothes (instead of putting them all over furniture in the living room to dry.)

I'm thinking of hanging some kind of cutesy laundry-type print on this bare wall. This is the first thing you see when coming in from the garage. To the right, behind the door knob, I'm going to hang some hooks for jackets, dog leashes, purses, etc.

2. The Half Bathroom
This room is tiiiiiiny. But gets a lot of use (sorry) because it's the only bathroom on the main floor.

Vanity before  

Toilet and cabinet before

It had a really nice mirror in there before, but not necessarily my taste. I painted the walls the same color as the laundry room, and painted the vanity a deep navy. It is actually darker in person than it shows in this picture. (Thanks, camera flash!) I hung this mirror that I already had temporarily but plan on making one or finding one with a reclaimed wood look. Also, I need to find some fun hardware for the vanity. (Fun fact! Every bathroom in our house has this builder-grade vanity with those drawers at the top, but none of them are actually drawers. Super annoying.)

This room also used to have a cabinet above the toilet, but we removed it since we didn't need as much storage in there, and it took up a lot of visual space. We relocated it to the upstairs guest bathroom.

3. Upstairs Guest Bathroom
This is Campbell's bathroom, but he's a baby, so I went a little more girly than he would probably like if he had an opinion on bathroom decor. However, he loves the color red, so it's win-win for everyone, right?

***UPDATE!*** I just found this before picture of the guest bathroom from when we bought the house! 

There's the cabinet from the downstairs bathroom! Looks much better in here. Plus, now I have a place to store baby things that need to stay out of reach of the baby (medicine, soap, etc.) 

On the right side, I hung some hooks that actually came from our old house. It was originally in our laundry room, and it was a cream color. I spray painted it red to tie into the shower curtain.

Here it is up close. I painted the screws with nail polish so it wouldn't be all "BAM! SILVER!" in your face.

View from the tub. I have plans to paint the vanity (not sure what color or maybe a darker stain?) and to frame out the bathroom mirror a la Pinterest.

4. Things we haven't been up to.

Painting the guest room or unpacking that box.

Organizing the new shelf in the office or unpacking that box.

Throwing away that rotting pumpkin on our front porch. Sorry Santa!

And now for some words from C-Baby:

7 mv4230pre b

This child is a genius.


Anonymous said...
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Stephanie Dean said...

We're not even attempting to decorate for Christmas this year. I'm impressed your trees are up! House is looking good!

Sara D said...

Thanks Stephanie! I do not blame you for not guys have a bit much going on!

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