Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal

The Dean Family Christmas Card

My original intent was to post a blog complaining about how Santa sucks. But I decided not to be a grinch. Let the record state that I am not such a fan of Santa, and I'll leave it at that.

As we approach C's first birthday, it's getting harder and harder to take his photo sitting still. We recently upgraded our camera so I'd better practice taking action photos. We are spending this holiday season doing all the obligatory 'first Christmas' photos, and have gotten some real gems. Maybe they're not the perfectly posed photos, but I kind of prefer the ones that show our reality.

In his Christmas jammies in front of the Christmas tree...but he wanted to see the lights!

Dad props him back up...not pleased

This is the best we could get. A little blurry, but I love it.

Today we spent C's entire awake time driving all over the city in search of Santa.

Everywhere he was advertised to be, he wasn't. Then we find Santa's village at the mall and he's on his lunch/cigarette break. The line was LONG, with each family taking 5-10 minutes with Santa. 

Side note: Is it normal for families to take their family photo with Santa? I am new to this Santa game, but it struck me as odd. Kennedy scolded me for making fun, saying it was probably their family tradition. But I was grumpy. So we left. We found another Santa location and went in. Not much of a line (literally 3 families ahead of us), but still we waited there for 1 whole hour. 

This Santa was giving each child about 5 minutes also, which is kind of sweet. But not so sweet when all you want is a 10 second photo right before nap time. And not so sweet when parents let their kids skip in line and no one says anything. (Some parents need spankings, but that's another blog post.)

On our 3rd Santa stop. Waiting.

More waiting. Get me up to see Santa already!

Campbell got a jingle bell and that entertained us for a little bit...

Right now I am building suspense. I want you to feel like you waited as long as we did to see Santa. It was long. Grueling. (Anti-climactic).

Here he is with Mrs. took a second to warm up to her but it helped pass some time.

Ok, well that's kind of sweet...maybe Santa and crew isn't so bad after all.

After watching families skip in line, with not a word said, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I convinced the high school girls who were working the cash register to call our name next so we could get 10 seconds with Santa and leave. I threatened a melt-down of epic proportions if we weren't next. They obliged.

 What kills me about the Santa picture isn't that C is crying. That was a given after waiting a total of 2.5 hours to see him. I think you should take a closer look at Santa's face. Before he got a crying baby on his lap, he was all smiles and kindness. The second we shoved Campbell at him, his entire spirit was broken.

This is how Kennedy found out that Santa isn't real.

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