Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We're not quite into the thick of our bathroom renovation yet (in fact, we haven't done a single thing past talk out loud about it, and visit 2 tile stores...)

But I'm ITCHING to see some progress somewhere in this house. It's hit a plateau where there's not a lot we can do unless we have a good amount of time/money to spare. So I decided to take matters into my own cheap hands.

I'm thinking the way to make the biggest impact with the smallest amount of cash is to paint something. Therefore, I shall stencil an entire wall. The thing is, I am gonna make the stencil myself. I will end up adding a lot of time to my project, but in the end I'll get exactly what I want and can see immediate results. No buyers remorse either!

Where, you ask, is an appropriate place to stencil an entire wall? Well, why not the living room!? So far, the only thing Kennedy and I have hung on the walls in that room are his Bose speakers, and a mirror. And while they look great, I'm not so much a fan of entertainment components as art. Here's a shot of the wall that will be crowned in glory in the near future:

My plan is to purchase the same color the wall is already painted in, but in a high gloss finish. OR, I could go one shade lighter....I haven't decided how much subtlety I want yet.

Now for the patterns! Here are a few patterns that I'm leaning toward...They are all strikingly similar!

Source unknown

Pottery Barn Moorish Tile Rugs

Wish me luck! If I pull this off, I'll be sure to give you a hint or two on how to do the same! If I don't pull it off, I will post embarrassing photos and then paint over it.


Unknown said...

Oh.... I really like this idea. Maybe I'll find a wall in my house to stencil! I had too much to do to post tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I like the second picture. Mom

amy said...

i wish you would paint a mural of elvis and cece frolicking through a field. doesn't that sound like a great idea?!

oh, and the stencil idea is cool, too... i guess. :-)

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