Monday, January 24, 2011

"This just got real..." what Kennedy told me last night after he got off the phone with Stinson. We have recruited our first helpers for this bathroom project!

Now, where to begin? I decided that the most logical next step was to decide on a layout for the bathroom. Of course this isn't written in stone, but it will at least give us a jumping-off point. I'm thinking that we should have several back-up plans in the event that we hit a snag.

Kennedy and I have made some discoveries here in DIY-land. One being that every project (big or small!) takes at least 3 times longer than your original estimation.

Another discovery is that SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG. No matter what. It might be minor, or it could be major, but it's best to plan for the unexpected.

We've decided to do a slow demo over the course of a few weekends. Maybe rip down some wall paper here, pull off some moulding there, carefully remove the wall of mirrors above the huge bathtub (seriously, I like mirrors as much as the next girl, but I'm not sure I want an alcove of mirrors when I'm bathing...)

I'll quit rambling now and get on with it. What you see below is a before and after blueprint of the bathroom that I quickly drew up on my computer - not exactly to scale, but pretty durn close. Let me know what you think! Do-able? NOT do-able? Any suggestions for the extra space between the shower and tub (if we decide to go with that layout)?


The red Xs indicate the places that I have to stand in order to get in and out of that wretched shower/toilet closet.

Feel free to share any advice you have!


Bryan and Nicki said...

Looks like it will be some BIG problem....where is the closet?!! is there closets somewhere else in your bedroom? If you need any help, i'd be glad to come "learn" some diy on your house! haha =-) We still need to try to get together sometime!

Sara D said...

Oh I guess I should have mentioned that there are other closets! The bathroom is actually the first step in a string of Master Suite renovations, so there is additional closet space on the way!

Stephanie Dean said...

Awesome. I am assuming that Stinson and I are your first helpers. I like the new layout!

John Campbell said...

Why don't you add another bench area right outside the shower between the tub and shower, so you can have an area to dry off at

kennedy said...

i like john's idea

Unknown said...

Do you plan on using multiple shower heads? If not I would totally look into a small scale Kohler system. They are wonderful amd fairly DIY friendly. Are you on a slab because bless you with that amount of slab work:)All in all it looks great!

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