Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project City!

That's what I'm calling our house for now. I have about 15 (bajillion) projects going on. One of which is our new dog, Cece!

This is Cece, pre-grooming. 

Cece is a labradoodle who is EXTREMELY skiddish. She is afraid of new people, and especially men. We got her for free on Craigslist. We think basically the owner just didn't want her because she couldn't breed her (see above: skiddish.)

I spent about 2 hours with her on the back patio on Saturday, trimming her fur and brushing out all the matted stuff. There was a lot. She is pretty calm once she gets to know a person, so she just sat there and let me pamper her! Unfortunately, I had to cut off all the hair on her cute ears because they were so badly matted. But it will grow back, and I'll make sure it stays brushed! Saturday night, I gave Cece a shower. Too bad the water was freezing (see last post: heater broken = cold EVERYTHING.) 

I haven't had a chance to get any post-grooming photos, as she runs away everytime I point the camera at her. There are a lot of pictures of her butt (which is, coincidentally, in a diaper.) 

So that's our project dog. Elvis loves her, but is adjusting to not getting ALL of our attention right now (only about 90% of it.)

Next project!

My wonderful, wonderful laundry room.

I chose to include the mess. That way, when I do the big reveal at the end of my renovation, it will look even more shockingly amazing! 

I have spent the weekend up until today working long, hard hours on this baby. I painstakingly peeled every piece of that beautiful wall-paper down, using nothing by my hands and a small putty knife (and a wall-paper steamer.)

I took down those horrible wire shelves. And they'll stay down! But I'll hang them in a closet, because why waste such functional storage? (But why display it out in the open like that?) Luckily, this laundry room's got plenty of storage. Above the washer and dryer, across on the opposite wall, and there's even a pretty good-sized closet in there too. Oh, the possibilities of organization that await me!

During the peeling process. This took forever.

(Cue hallelujah music and drop 'Mission Accomplished' sign from ceiling)

Oh, wait. I'm not done. That was what I like to call "Stage 1" of the laundry room project. 

Stage 2: apply texture to the walls. I won't even go into that process. Let's just say I had quite a few hiccups along the way, and I'm just not ready to talk about them. For now, I'll just refer to that as "the worst day ever," or to put it in more layman's terms, "Superbowl Sunday."

Stage 3 happened today, and it was to paint said textured walls. And I'm choosing to not share anymore photos of this project until it's completed. Why? Because I'm a witch! Ahhhhhhahahahah!

But I will share some pictures of a different finished project. Remember our flooded work-out room?

Well, it's done! (Not by our own doing, this "project" had to be hired out.)

The floors are no longer flooded, although they are wet in the picture because Kennedy had just mopped.

And a view the other direction! So far, it's "worked out" great! Haha.

Stay tuned for my big laundry room reveal! It could happen any day now...

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