Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Great Laundry Room Reveal!

I've been waiting for this moment for weeks. My laundry room is finally done. Actually, it's not, but it's finally reached the phase where I can share photos. The rest is "behind closed doors" things that need to be done. (i.e., I really need to get my cabinets organized.)

Let's take a quick look at my previous phases in this project!

Move-in day. Eeeeewwwww.

Notice a few things: the door to the ironing board cupboard is literally hanging on by a screw. (Sidenote: that is actually the newest cabinet in the does something like that happen, unless a child was swinging from it?) Also, the large green stain on the floor. It's actually a big glob of laundry detergent. THAT was fun to clean. NOT!

Phase I - Peel down the wall paper.

I do believe that the glue from the wall-paper that was peeled played a large part in how chapped my hands are right now.

Phase II - Texture the walls and paint.

(No photos for this phase...whoops!)

Phase III - Paint all cabinets, trim, doors (and cabinet handles.)


The lighting doesn't do this transformation justice. Before, this particular cabinet was actually a cream shade (I would say Banana.) Seriously yellow. Now, the cabinets are actually bright white! It cleaned up the whole room.

Ok, let's get to the reveal. There were a couple of projects that happened, even though the laundry room was completed. I had Kennedy make me a tall table to fold on, that would also conceal Cece's kennel. I sewed a skirt for that table to make her feel all cozy in there. 

I also did a little art project to bring some color into the room. The wall paint is actually a very faint blue, but it looks white. A lot lighter than I had anticipated, but I'm not painting it again!

Phase IV - Accessorize!


Here's that old, chipped-up cabinet with fresh white paint. I also took the old brass handles and spray-painted them with a bronze color.

As you can see, I found a home for my ceramic dog. Kennedy said it couldn't stay on the mantle.

And heeeeeeere's Cece! (You can see her because she's hiding, as usual. But that's her cage.

The room is not done, as I mentioned before. All the cabinets need to be cleaned, papered, and organized. The legs on this table need to be painted (but that can wait until it doesn't have a skirt on it anymore.) Maybe one day I'll feel like re-tiling the floors with something that doesn't show so much dirt. But for now, it's perfect! I think I'll go do some laundry NOW!


Courtney said...

It looks AWESOME!!! I was tired just reading about everything you did. Good job though, it looks like a completely different room.

Pamibelle said...

Very nice job!

Holly said...

Reading this blog (or, rather, looking at all the pictures and skimming the captions) makes me want a house so I can do projects. Me = jealous.

SheRa said...

AWESOME!! come do art projects for me now! so were those paintings or was it paper on canvas? what was it? I LOVE IT

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