Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ever the neglectful blogger...

Cece and I are here to update this blog. How do people live life AND still have time to blog about it? I'm still trying to find that alleged balance between the two.

NO, the laundry room isn't done. But it's pretty darn close! In order to tide myself over until I can make a big reveal right here on this very blog, I will talk about some other fun things from the week!

Cece and Elvis are Valentines.

So far, these two are spending most of their time competing with one another (or Cece is laying in her kennel with the door wide open, sighing and acting depressed.)

You can see her back there, pissed that Elvis is in her room. You can see Elvis sitting there, oblivious, because he has spent his whole life getting everything he could ever want.

They're so cute.

I'm trying to pace myself so my blog posts aren't miles long with weeks between them. So, with that said, I will only talk about ONE of my recent projects.

I will call this "How I started my own herb garden."

How I Started My Own Herb Garden, by Sara.

Here are the goods.

I'm starting slow. I only chose 5 packets of seeds a couple of weeks ago to get myself started. I found a sunny window in my kitchen and got to work. I thought, I'll see if anything happens with these, I'll go from there! 

Here are the rest of the supplies. 

I left out a picture of water and sunlight, because DUH! Do you really not know that you need water and sunlight to grow a seed (or 500?)

500 is my estimate of how many seeds I planted, with about 100 being in each packet.  I tend to over-estimate, though.

Here is an aerial view (I did not care to rotate this photo, if you're wondering,) of the pots in a sunny window!

Let's take a quick side note to say it snowed a record amount this weekend in Dallas. 12'5"!!! It was glorious.

Even if all the trees along our backyard fence were bogged down with ice and laying on the ground. (Do you like the red cuff of my bathrobe on the side there? I didn't bother to crop it out, because I didn't bother to take the bathrobe off allllllll day long that day.)

Back to my herbs. Friday, aka snow day, I walked by the window to check on the little guys. For the past couple of weeks, they've just looked like little bowls of dirt. Friday, my friends, was the day that the Dill and Cilantro sprouted!!

See those green things that look like worms??? That's dill!

I'm hoping this photo doesn't get cut off, because these sprouts are still pretty tiny. But they're there. They're curly and they're there. (Say it 5 times fast.)

Now, if you will please excuse me, my husband is waiting on me so we can watch Couples Retreat.

Maybe the laundry room will be done tomorrow?


Courtney said...

I'm in love with your dogs. Was Cece abused before you got her?

Sara D said...

We think so. The lady we got her from said her 2-yr-old beat up on her a lot, but we suspect that wasn't the whole truth, since she is extremely afraid of Kennedy.

Stephanie Dean said...

I am loving all of your projects. You're inspiring me to be more creative and thrifty. Cece is lucky to have you for parents, she'll come around. I am now inspired to start my own herb garden. Can't wait for the laundry room reveal.

Heather said...

Sara, I am a now obsessed with your blog after finding the link on FB! I love all the fun projects and reveals you do, and you are inspiring me to be more crafty.

Since I'm getting married in May and will have my own house to remodel soon, all these tips and project ideas will come in handy!


amy said...

i love elvis and cece. precious picture. also, i want an herb garden of my own, too! i hate living in our apartment. :(

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