Wednesday, December 9, 2009

13 days of Christmas

1 pair BCBG black pointy-toe heels
1 pair of white heels worn in my wedding
1 pair of brown heels worn in Sully's wedding
1 pair black open-toed heels
1 pair red flats
5 tubes of chapstick
1 tin of Burt's Beeswax lip balm
2 pairs of sunglasses
2 pairs of jeans
8 window blind-pulls
1 dog collar
5 couch cushions
3 pairs of underwear

No, folks. That's not my christmas list. That's just a few of the things of mine that dear Elvis has chewed up recently. Ok, the first 3 were ruined over a year ago, but the BCBG heels still sting.

If you can guess what his most recent chew-up was, I will dedicate my next blog post to you! (Kennedy is not allowed to enter.)

I think the time has finally come for me to say that I hate Ross. I can't believe I just said that, but it is actually kind of true. Slowly over the years, without realizing, I have been losing the desire to hunt for a deal. More specifically, I have lost the desire to wade through a sea of 90% nylon 10% recycled plastic fabrics to find something that is worth buying. I have lost the desire to listen to women toting 6-10 children under the age of two screaming and crying across the store because they should probably be eating or sleeping right now. I have lost the desire to stand in the slowest-moving lines in the history of the universe, just to save a few bucks on last season's clothes.

I have lost the desire to receive half my change back in quarters. WHAT am I going to do with $4.00 worth of quarters floating around in my purse, and WHY can't I have that in bills?????????

Wow, that really sent me over the edge. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I might be over Ross. Right after I buy those shoes I saw in there today.

I hate Wal-mart more, but I haven't come to grips with quitting it just yet.


Stephanie Dean said...

Is is recent destruction the couch cushions?! I don't remember hearing about that one. Darn dog! Your Ross story sounds awful!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet it's the underwear! LOL

Ken said...


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