Monday, January 21, 2013

Bachelor update and kitchen 'thangs'

I'm going to be honest. I hyped up this season's Bachelor to myself wayyyyy too much. So far, it's been kind of a snooze-fest. But alas, I have made a commitment to myself to blog through the season. And I guess there are some things to talk about.

Like how I decided that I don't care for Sean. He was a clear choice last season on the Bachelorette, but I realized that I thought this for 2 reasons: 1) He is from Dallas and 2) All the other guys were worse choices. Now that the rose-colored glasses have been ripped from my face and stomped into tiny pieces, I can see clearly.

Sean is the type of guy that I would have hated in high school. And college. I assume he's the type of guy who says everything "right" (meaning he thinks he's in a movie) all the time but still ends up being awkward about it. BUT he doesn't know he's awkward which just makes everyone else feel like they're the awkward ones until later when they really dissect the situation. Wow, that just got really specific. Plus it made me sound like a jerk. Oh well, I'm leaving it in here.

Let's talk about that KISS, HUH!?! Sean took Lesley M. on a one-on-one date with a surprise! He arranged for them to break the Guinness Book of World Records for longest on-screen kiss.

1. I'm pretty sure it was as awkward as it looked.
2. Who still cares about the Guinness Book of World Records?
3. They kissed for real later, and it was even more unnatural than the staged one.
4. She got a rose.

Other highlights from tonight's episode:
- Group date including a volleyball game TO THE DEATH
- Tierra falls down the stairs and we're left to wonder if she was pushed?!?!

I also decided that Dez needs to get a clue and move on. She is way too witty and smart for Sean. LISTEN GIRL, HE WILL NEVER GET YOUR JOKES! (Am I yelling too much in this post? My bad...)

Dear Bachelor,
It's time to amp up the drama a bit.

In other news, Kennedy and I have spent the last couple of weekends doing a mini kitchen reno. And it's alllllmost done!

Here's a sneak peek of the construction process, that you might have seen if you follow Kennedy on Instagram. If you don't, here it is!

We are actually way further along than these pictures show, but that's no fun to show! Can't wait to share some photos when we're finally all the way done!

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Mateya said...

I agree...I was super pumped about this season but it hasn't been that great. I think I was just blinded by Sean's good looks. I LOVED him last season!

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