Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Food

*Disclaimer: This blog post has the potential to be weird and all over the place. *

Feeding a baby is one of the most confusing and stressful things of my entire life. How much? And of what? When do they start this food or what should they avoid? How do I get him to CHEW SOMETHING?!

Confession: People have mixed reactions when they find out I've been exclusively breastfeeding C this whole time (not counting the solid foods that we started him on at 6 months.) But overall, most people are somewhat impressed. And I admit, it did take a lot of work on my part to keep it up that long. But the real truth is that it was mentally easier for me to keep nursing than to switch to formula. That's because I have no clue how much milk a baby needs in volume. Of course there are many benefits to breastfeeding for the entire first year, and that is one of the main reasons that I kept it up.

The other reasons are: It's easier. It's more portable. It burns calories.

SO NOW, Campbell is 1 year old (which is going to have to be a post in and of itself), and it's almost like I'm starting out with a newborn again.

I took him to the Dr. for his 1-yr appointment, and he actually has lost weight since his last appointment 3 months ago. This freaked me out big time, even though it was only like 3 oz. The doctor wasn't concerned at all but said he should be on cow's milk now, for the added protein and fat. So I go out and get the cow's milk (organic whole milk), and guess who refused to take it? I know it was only the first time, and I know I need to keep trying, but remember how I said I was confused and stressed earlier? This did not help.

When we first started regularly giving C solid foods, it was at 6 months. That's because I put it off as long as possible (see: stressed and confused.) It happened to align with a time that Kennedy was out of town for 3 straight weeks, so I was having to go it alone. I may have cried several nights in a row when I tried to get him to eat that rice cereal and he wouldn't take it.

Good news is that he will eat it now! But I think of all things about caring for a baby, this has got to be the toughest part for me.

Fast forward to the past month, when I have been trying to get that boy (with his 8 teeth!) to eat table foods. For about a week, he gagged and threw up every time. Now he only gags and throws up about once every couple of days. Progress for sure, but come on Campbell. Is it really necessary to throw up that much?

Good news is that I have gotten good at catching it in my hands! Much easier clean-up.

We are in an awkward eating stage where he likes to take table food now over purees, but he eats sooooooo slowly. So I am barely getting anything down that gullet (Hence: the insignificant weight loss.) Also, there are currently 3 table foods he will go for, and the rest end up on the floor for the dogs. Canteloupe, strawberries and soda crackers.

This is not exactly a balanced diet. (See: Stressed.)

Why am I writing this? I really don't know. I feel like I can't be the only one who is confused on this subject. And if I am alone, well then I'm writing it as a plea for an owner's manual. SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE ME A BABY FOOD MANUAL! And I don't mean send me to websites with baby food recipes. I mean literally write me a step-by-step guide with figure drawings and charts and data. Write it as if you're speaking to a 3rd grader. It will just be easier for me, I think.

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Laura @FoodSnobSTL said...

Super impressive that you breastfed exclusively for that long. I don't think people understand what a commitment that is. I know you didn't want a website, BUT this chart was/is my baby food bible because you are right, NO ONE TELLS YOU ANYTHING. It is super helpful!

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