Monday, June 25, 2012

Tonight's Bachelorette: Spoiler Alert!

I don't usually watch the Bachelorette, but Kennedy is really into it lately, so I watched tonight. Here's my recap.

On tonight's Bachelorette, Emily and the 6 remaining bachelors were in Prague. Emily had 3 individual dates and 1 group date.

Arie was first up and they walked around Prague and did romantic things like imagine how many people have stood in this exact spot and looked at the exact same thing. Then Emily confronted him about his secret (that he once dated a current producer on the show.) But the conversation happened off camera and surprise! Was magically was all just a big misunderstanding, so they made out.

Next up was the 5-head. I have a hard time remembering his name but it doesn't matter because he was sent home at the end of the show.

Then she had a group date with Sean, Chris, and the guy who has an 11-year-old.

I'll spare details from this uneventful group date, except that WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHRIS?!? And why did she give him a rose??? He creeps me out in a "Dark Passenger" kinda way. Needless to say, I guess I'm hooked on this show now.

Kennedy asked me, "If you were the Bachelorette, and I was in a group of 20 guys and wasn't the best looking one there, would you still choose me?" Then I asked him, "Well...who else is there?" Totally joking, by the way. But it got me thinking...what if I was the Bachelorette?

All dates would take place in my living room, watching Real Housewives on BRAVO. Anyone who hadn't heard of/hadn't watched Dexter, LOST, Mad Men, or Arrested Development would be immediately eliminated. And we can go ahead and dump anyone whose job is "Entrepreneur." You know that just means they don't have a job.

As I'm reading over my list, I'm thinking my season would probably get cancelled 2 episodes in.

I vote that the next Bachelorette be someone who has never been on the show before. And I think it should be Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not the actress who plays Dee, but the actual character. I'd watch that. I think it would work, because everyone wants to find love in the end, right?


Courtney said...

Yes! I would totally watch if Dee was the next Bachelorette, that would be way more entertaining

Kim Campbell said...

I would never watch Bachelorette but if I had to pay to read your blog about it I would send you my credit card number.

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