Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Grieving the Loss of Inanimate Objects

First things first. I finished recovering my TOMS! They are beautiful. I decided to leave the back heel patch that wretched dyed brown color and it really works. They almost have an aged leather effect. Ignore the poor quality iPhone pic. 

SADLY, now that they have an extra layer of fabric glued to the canvas (which was already a little snug thanks to my feet growing during pregnancy -- thanks to NO ONE for warning me about this beforehand...) they do not fit me.

What am I supposed to do with perfectly good, but used TOMS? So far, they just sit in the closet so I can open the door and look at my TOMS collection. Maybe I'll just cut the toes off all the too-small ones and start a new trend? Maybe I'll just cut my toes off so they'll fit again.

Oh, but let's talk about my grief right now.

We found out almost 2 weeks ago that Kennedy got a promotion and it will require us to move alllll the way across the country to a strange land I have never been -- Indianapolis. This is a great thing for our family. It's probably the most perfect timing too, since Campbell is small and portable and not in school. We will be there for several years, so he more than likely won't start school while there either. Plus, Kennedy is really excited to get this next chapter of his career started, and I get to stay at home with little C!

Now that we have all the mushy-gushy good stuff out of the way, let me mourn some losses of inanimate things.

1. My pool! My lovely swimming pool! My beautiful back yard! All the lush greenness that we have worked so hard to maintain!

I have one more summer to enjoy it, but my plans continue to get thwarted by house showings. (Because it would be awkward for me to be floating in the pool when a potential buyer came by...)

And almost as if Alanis herself were* writing a song to narrate my life, when I finally do get a day of pool freedom, the rain and clouds roll in.

2. My master suite! My comfy, cozy master suite! We spent our anniversary going shopping to decorate our finally finished master suite. Then 2 weeks later, someone I've never met called and told us we had to move 1,000 miles away from my new shower and claw-foot tub. "But the tub hasn't even been used yet!" I wanted to tell them. (BTW - Big reveal post coming soon??? Might as well, we have to keep everything clean all the time these days for house showings anyway.)

Actually, in an ironic twist, this list made me feel better about moving. I just realized I can take almost everything I love with me (except the pool and the master suite, obvi.)

Let me leave you with some homework:
  • I like saying obvi instead of obviously, is that dumb?
  • Do I use too many parenthetical asides?
  • Does anyone actually know how to correctly use "ironic" in a sentence?

*I wasn't sure if I should use was or were, so I googled it, and came across this site: Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for better writing. Hey Dean brothers, watch out! I'm going to spend my housewifedom reading this entire website, then policing your grammar in speech and text!

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minda312 said...

I'll be in Indianapolis at the end of September. Will you be there by then? If you need a semi-vaguely familiar face to see, we could meet up :) like I said- semi vague. I think I've met you three times or something?:) either way. I know how hard a transition of a cross country move can be....especially to a land where you know NO ONE!

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