Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm looking at my sidebar, and the pictures that are supposed to represent my life are grossly out of date. For one, I was a lot thinner and tanner in those photos. That was also from a time when Elvis was our only baby.

Now we have 3 dogs and a REAL baby. (My mind has still not wrapped around this reality.)

I don't know what to do. On the one hand, I could just add a few more updated photos to the side-bar. Or I could make a huge banner with photos in it across the top. Both of those sound like a lot of work.

Oooh! I just had an idea. NO PICTURES. Or just leave it outdated. Yeah. I'll do one of those.

Mom Confessions:

-When Campbell is hungry and rooting, sometimes I put my cheek near his face so he'll try to latch on. It's like he's giving me a kiss!

-Sometimes when he's crying, I wait a minute to console him because I love the smell of his baby breath. (I don't wait TOO long, don't worry!)

-I let Elvis sleep in Campbell's Boppy (when he's not using it, of course.)

-Breast-feeding is hard.


Mateya said...

What a little cutie! Don't worry about the outdated pictures, you're a little busy right now :)

Stephanie Dean said...

So cute! You're doing awesome! I love your confessions. Don't worry about updating those pictures, we will all survive!

Court said...

SO SO SWEET! Don't worry you'll have time to update the pictures in like 7 months :) Also Breastfeeding is hard! Proud of you for hanging in there, it was crazy to me how hard something so "natural" was!!! He is so precious and tiny :)

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