Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We're an hour and 13 minutes in and Kennedy and I have already kicked 2012's butt.

I believe we are both officially nesting, and I'm in love with this feeling. I'm going to try to spend the remainder of my nesting stage creating a drug that can duplicate this productivity and motivation.

We spent the evening getting things done! Kennedy assembled the baby swing while we watched Limitless, which is actually about the exact pill I intend to make (see previous paragraph about nesting drug.)

Then we went up to this torturous bathroom remodel and hung our vanity mirrors. They're oval swivel-mount mirrors, and I can't waaaaaaaait to fix my hair in front of them! (Or pluck my eyebrows in front of them, because they're right across from the giant window - I will NOT miss a thing with natural light like that!)

Things left to do in the bathroom: attach vanity cabinet drawers, doors and hardware; plumb the claw foot tub; apply a 2nd coat of grout sealer in the shower; hang bathroom accessories (i.e. toilet paper holder, towel bar, etc); install wall sconces next to vanity mirrors.

Also this evening, I finished painting this Business-themed piggy bank for the nursery.

It's crucial that we teach the boy the importance of money at a very early age (only kidding.)

Did you know there was such a thing as paint for glazed ceramics? (It's called Ceram-coat or glossy acrylic.) All I have to do is wait 2 more days and then pop this thing in the oven to set the paint.

Ideas for other piggy banks: ballerina, bumble-bee, sports team/college, LEOPARD PRINT (this idea just occurred to me and I might need to go paint this for myself....), mardi gras, Cupid...etc.

The list could go on and on! All supplies were bought at my local Hobby Lobby (including the white ceramic glazed piggy bank.) I used a black paint pen to outline everything when I was done so it didn't look so sloppy. I also recommend using painters tape if you're wanting to get a straight line somewhere.

But enough about the pig.


Anonymous said...

I like the pig. Where is the pc of the mirrors after they were hung? - Mom

Stephanie Dean said...

So cute! The pinstripes turned out perfectly.

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