Monday, April 5, 2010

Drama, Midnight Road Trip, Easter: In that order

So I have been absent yet again, but this time I have plenty of excuses! Or as I like to call them, "reasons."

Last week was spent preparing for a long over-due trip to Kentucky to visit Kennedy's dear mom, grandmother, aunt & uncle. We were excited when we found out that Stinson & Stephanie would also be able to make the drive!

After a lot of soul searching, we decided it would be best to leave Cece behind with my parents. My mom had so generously offered to watch her, and we just didn't think a 10-hour car ride would be the best thing for an unstable dog.

So off we went! Kennedy, me & precious Elvis, just driving and laughing and singing through the night. We are so Griswold. We arrived early Friday morning and crashed. Had fun spending time with the family and just vegging out.

Saturday morning rolls around and we get a phone call from my mom. Cece had run away.

Cece had run away.

I know I wrote that twice, but I had to say it at least 5 more times before it sunk in. We were completely helpless 10 hours away.

She had jumped out of my parents car before my mom had a chance to grab a hold of her leash and was off into a 4 acre enclosed property. It is half field, half forest. My poor mom combed the property 5 times that day and couldn't find her at all. She walked through several adjoining neighborhoods with the same luck. And Kennedy and I were 10 hours away, watching our phones and hoping someone would find her.

No one did, and we decided to leave Kentucky a day early. We were upset that our trip was cut short, and upset that our dog was missing. We felt pretty defeated.

So again, we drove through the night. This time not so much with the singing and laughing. More like hoping and praying that none of the 10 billion horrible things that could happen to Cece would happen.

We arrived back home around 4:30 am Sunday morning and immediately went to the "scene of the crime." We found nothing, plus it was very dark. So we went home and slept until sunrise.

I made flyers to hang in the neighborhood, but unfortunately we were almost out of computer paper, so I was only able to print 6 of them. I know the flyer thing is a little bit of a desperate act, but I was desperate!

We went back at daylight, this time with my mom, and looked through the property again. And again, no luck in finding her. We started to walk back to our cars, thinking we could drive through some neighborhoods, but pretty much resolved that the only way we'd find her is if someone found her and called the number on her tags.

Just then, my phone rang. It was a number I didn't recognize. I answered, and the voice of an old lady was on the other line. "Did you lose your dog?"

"YES!" I shouted at her. She probably thought I was psychotic. And maybe I was just a little bit. She gave me the address (less than a mile from where Cece had first escaped,) and we jumped in the car and drove over there.

It was an Easter miracle! That dog was filthy. She was covered in sewer water (she had found a creek and followed it all the way to this lady's property, then hid out under her bushes,) and dirt. Her turquoise leash was still attached, but was now a muddy green color. She ran over to us and jumped up and licked my face. It was a wonderful reunion! Except for the smell.

So that's my little story. We are so thankful for our dogs, and especially thankful that Cece arrived home without a single scratch on her.

In short (is it too late for that?), that's why I have been absent.

However! I'm working on a project as I type (wheels are turning.) Check back soon to see my little craft!


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

So so glad someone found Cece!! I'd be so devestated if one of our dogs ran away. so glad she was found! Can't wait to see your project! Hope you are having a great night.

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh Sara, that would be SO scary! I'm glad you found her and she is home safely!

Lauren said...

I've been waiting anxiously to hear the story. Glad you blogged it, and glad you found her! Miss you.

amy said...

you know, i bet this whole incident made cece realize how fortunate she is to have you guys. i love her. i'm so glad she's returned to y'all.

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