Monday, March 29, 2010

Life is a comedy?

I was born into an entertainment-loving family, so bear with me as I relate my life to the general plot of a sit-com.

All sit-coms have a few staples, or "go-to comedic situations" that will make an appearance. I'm thinking of these on the fly, mind you, but I'm pretty sure you can apply these situations to most any sit-com, and recall the episode.

Every sit-com will have an episode where someone accidentally sees someone else in a compromising position (i.e., walk in on them in the shower, walk in on them in going to the bathroom, glance over at the wrong time in a locker room...) It's inevitable.

Then there's the oh-so-popular bad hair cut/hair style/hair day episode. Trust me, it's on every sit-com.

Finally, there's the ever-present handcuff episode, where two opposing characters somehow end up in the situation where they're handcuffed together.

Which brings me to my life.

Today has been a rough day in our house. Mainly for Kennedy & Cece. We are currently brainstorming ideas, but decided that the only way to get Cece used to humans is to tether ourselves to her 24/7. This excludes any time sleeping or working.

Stay tuned as hilarity ensues!!!


Stephanie Dean said...

Good luck! I can't wait to hear how this turns out!

John Campbell said...

Kennedy should try jeeping a pocket full of dog treats in his pocket and. just randomly giver her a treat everytime she comes to him.

Sara D said...

she won't take treats from him, he's tried...that's why it's so hard to train her! maybe we shouldn't feed her and then she'd take the treats from him...

John Campbell said...

what is he put a big glob of peanut butter on his hands and face. that might work

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

My hubby trains dogs and is a bit of a dog behaviourist. I told him about your situation and he thinks that you ought to keep taking him to the dog park. It socializes him and helps remove that fear by seeing other dogs just being natural, smelling one another and playing. In that sort of situation it would be good to try to do things he may enjoy - like playing with a ball or frisbee. You have to take small steps with a fearful dog and do your best not to add added fear to the situation. Try your best to keep everything positive and not negative based. Praise him when he does well and be gentle with correction. Ya'll can do this! Working with a dog with a behaviour problem is so hard and it takes a special person to really work with the animal. I admire you so much for giving him so much of your time and heart.

Sara D said...

Thanks Mandi! I needed to hear that! I'm taking her to a training center today to be "evaluated," and will continue to take her to the dog park.

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