Saturday, March 27, 2010

Donuts, Dog Park, Deconstruction & Done.

Kennedy and I had a very relaxing and productive day today. What's our secret? Relax first, work second!

We started off by getting some Donuts on our way to the dog park. This was the first time Cece has been. We didn't take her before because she was in heat, and well, that would've just been a disaster. But now she's all "fixed" up and healed. She was a little overwhelmed and stayed close, but did really well!

Elvis hadn't been in forever, so he was running around, high-fiving everyone. Glad to be back.

Anyway, I took a lot of photos while I was there, so I will now share my favorites.

This dog was so adorable...

Check out those eyes!

Sometimes Cece would be the only dog around, and she really got into the posing thing...

Pride & Joy

My absolute favorite Elvis picture of the day.

Loves in my life.

My absolute favorite picture of the WHOLE day.

"This is Cody. He has a drooling problem."

Time to leave.

All in all, it was a great time! And I'm extremely inspired to work on learning my camera after today! Hope you enjoyed!


Courtney said...

I can't wait until Willow is big enough to take to the dog park! Cecelia seems to be doing a lot better.

Stephanie Dean said...

I love all the pictures! I can't wait to take our doggies to the dog park! I went with Ryan, Bailey, and Rusty and loved it!

amy said...

i'm so glad you finally got some really, really great pics of cece! she looks unusually at ease! also, i love elvis and all the other precious doggies! and i love exclamation marks (is it "marks" or "points"??)!

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