Thursday, January 28, 2010


Our house is fuming (or fume-y, to be more accurate.) More on that later! Let's start this off right with the CUTEST VIDEO EVER!

That was Elvis as a little baby puppy....I think we'd had him for about 2 months at this point. Love!

Now back to business-as-usual. Which reminds me of the book I'm reading that I need to finish before the month is over. I won't say what book, because it's too embarrassing to admit to. So let's just move on.

I have lots of projects going on... I'm ready to share some, even though some aren't completed (actually, none of them are completed. Maybe this will force me to complete them now that I'm sharing everything with the whole world.


Here, you can observe the waterfall that took place inside our home gym not even 3 weeks ago.

Here, you can see the amount of water that quickly filled the room.

This was the weekend of the freeze. We were lucky, because a lot of people had their whole homes flooded. We just had a tiny bit of our garage, and this gym covered with rubber flooring, get flooded. (Comma splice, anyone?) So, THANK YOU insurance company, for helping us out with this and covering our deductible. Because of you, we were able to completely re-do a room that would have never gotten done, plus a lot of other things around the house. We will definitely be renewing with you next year, and praying for a hail storm this spring!

I don't have after pictures yet, although it's done. Now I feel the need to actually decorate it. The big debate now is whether or not I would feel un-inspired to work out if Kennedy hangs his Star Wars posters in there.

To give you a hint, I took some color ideas from Stephanie's bedroom for this room. We're excited to not be working out in our living room anymore.

#2. (haha)
Did I mention I got one of these for Christmas?

That leads me to share one of my current projects!

Relax, it's not finished yet. But I have 3 of these chairs (one with arms), that I'm going to be sewing slip covers for. Right now, it's upstairs waiting for me, all pinned up and ready to be sewn. I even made piping for the seams! What is piping, you ask? Google it. Or wait and I'll show you later.


 I love this movie.

#4. Thrift shopping.

I went thrift shopping today. It's one of my favorite things to do, and I've been doing it nearly all my life. Before it was cool to wear thrift-store clothes, I was wearing them. Not because I was a trend-setter, but because we were poor. Not like, eat of the trash can poor, but like, no new clothes in the middle of the school year poor. 

So, as I'm walking through the 3rd thrift store of the day, basking in the cheapness of all these things, and loving that every thrift store has their radio blaring with Lite-Rock or Oldies, it was all ruined. Some creeeeeeeeeeepy man walked by and said "hello, beautiful." Pause. I didn't respond to this. He was looking at the ground and walking really quickly by, as if he was about to get caught doing this. When I didn't respond to that, he continued "how are you doing today?" Again, I didn't respond. He quickly disappeared and I was left feeling entirely creeped out and MAD that he ruined this thrifting experience for me. Jerk.

But on the bright side, I found a TON at my very first thrift store. Let me share it with you now!

Everything came to $10.61, and I had a $3.00 off coupon! Woohoo!

These were great finds, that with a little polish, are gonna be great accessories in our home!

I'm excited for these...
To become this...

And I know what you're thinking about this...

But trust me, it's not staying this way!

I'm thinking it will turn out a little more like this...

More to come, stay tuned!!!


Lindsey D said...

Your blog is hilarious and also very inspiring. It (almost) makes me want to buy a house and redo everything.. either that, or find a hobby. or maybe some goals.... teaching first grade really makes you lazy.

Anonymous said...

Where's the video - Mom

Sara Dean said...

Mom, you can see it if you sign into facebook

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