Monday, January 4, 2010


So what if I'm 4 days late? I didn't feel like updating yet, OK?

Let's get down to business.

I got 3 pairs of shoes and a sewing machine for Christmas. I also got several books (hooray!) and tickets to see Wicked in NYC.  Wicked = amazing! I've had the soundtrack for a couple of years now, I read the book it was based on, but finally....FINALLY I saw the show.

So, obviously, we were in the NYC area over the holidays. It was a great time with the Dean family! I could have stayed forever, if Elvis had come with us. Instead, he was trapped in Texas with my parents spoiling him. He almost died of spoiling, seriously. He didn't even realize we were gone for 9 days. I think he cried when he had to leave my parents. Meanwhile, I couldn't sleep without something warm & fuzzy on my pillow.

Here are a few pictures of our time there!

Kennedy & Me in Times Square!

Next year's Christmas Card from the Dean Kids??? This is us at 30 Rock in front of the tree!

At the MET! This is the real thing.

So of course the touristy thing was a lot of fun, albeit COLD! But the most fun was just sitting and chatting and making fun of each other for various things. The thing I hated most about the trip was spending 12 hours traveling on either end. Note to self: NOT worth it to travel separate from your husband and make 2 stops in between destinations.

Moving on...

The debate has come up much so far this year, but no one has settled the argument yet. So here and now, read this. I have come to the decision for ALL of us, that the year is to be referred to as "Twenty-Ten," for all intents and purposes, except in a formal setting such as a graduation. THEN and only then, may you use "Two-thousand and Ten." I think that's reasonable.

That being said, let's get on with my resolutions goals for the new year.

1. Healthy Lifestyle! - 6 months of junk food and not really exercising is too long. Who knows how much damage I've done to my body in the past 6 months? Well, I kinda know, but a lady never tells! My first goal here is to learn more about healthy cooking, making a conscious effort to be active, and to say NO to almost all temptations (no one is perfect.)

2. Book-of-the-month - Join me if you like, but my goal is to read 12 books this year. I think it's attainable, and possibly passable, but just like my body, my mind needs exercise as well.

3. Half Marathon! - Let's do this again!

4. Bring back the peace sign - Why did we ever stop?

This is the year of goals. I have several smaller goals that I will accomplish, and I'm sure there will be more along the road. Isn't it funny how the year offers so much promise? It's a new starting line.

Here is a New Year's Eve picture to satiate your New Year's appetite!



Anonymous said...

A couple of things: first, you can definitely read 12 books in a year! Second, if you are going to bring back the peace sign then you have to do it like the hippies: palm forward. If you use it like in the picture you are just throwing a deuce, which never went out of style - all of us krunkanville gangstas know it.

Nice blog...

Sara Dean said...

I agree. Mostly I do use the peace sign palm forward. However, in the above photo, I was caught off guard and only had a split second to display the peace. But it is nice to know there's a distinction!

Stephanie Dean said...

I love the new look! Great post. I like your goals and need to much of the same. Maybe we can hold each other accountable! Happy New Year!

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