Thursday, March 6, 2014

20 things to do while you wait to have a baby

In case you missed it, I'm still pregnant. No, I'm not overdue. My due date is next Wednesday. But I feel like I should've had a baby by now. I mean, other people around me are just sneezing and going into labor early, (I'm looking at you, Kara L.)

But you know what? That just gives me more time to "get ready" for this baby - a.k.a. do things to fill my time. Here's my list, that I continue to add to every day.

1. Pluck my eyebrows - (Wouldn't you know it? Pregnancy really does make your eyesight worse. Guess I haven't gotten that close to a mirror in a while.)

2. Wipe all the kitchen cabinets and baseboards down with clorox wipes.

3. Clean out and reorganize every single closet in the house (11 total!)

4. Make a list of all the dinners I know how to cook.

5. Take remnants from an unfinished sweater knitting project of my late grandmother's (Lita) and stitch them together for a very sentimental baby blanket.

6. Measure, level, tape and paint stripes on the wall in the half bathroom.

7. Coax the husband into building shelves for the half bathroom.

8. Spoil/snuggle/read to/ do as many fun things as possible with your firstborn while he still has  undivided attention. (Including, but not limited to giving him almost anything he wants and making a big deal out of small finger injuries and also rocking him like a baby.)

9. Use this Pinterest stain remover recipe to get stains out of a huge load of baby laundry. (P.S. It really works!!!)

10. Take aforementioned baby clothes and dye them all new colors to more appropriately fit into a girl's wardrobe.

11. Cook dinner every night this week!

12. Get a pedicure.

13. Write and mail some thank you notes.

14. Sell a bunch of your stuff that was previously taking up room in all those closets you cleaned out a few days ago (HELLO fun money!)

15. Start 2 new shows to marathon watch (The Good Wife and Bates Motel, if you're wanting some new shows to start!)

16. Deep clean all the bathrooms in your house!

17. Mentally redecorate your master bedroom.

18. Shower twice a day (Why even? This has quadrupled my weekly average!)

19. EAT A BUNCH WHILE YOU STILL CAN (aka Carb-load.)

20. Organize all baby clothes by size, then type of clothing (including making labels for other people to follow.)


Anonymous said...

I like #5 the best. Your Lita would be honored. Wish she were here to meet all my granbabies. Nora C.

Lisa said...

That is pretty impressive since you already have one of those oxygen-breathing kids. I feel accomplished when I vacuum more than once a week!

Heather said...

Hi Sara! I'm Heather and I just have a quick question regarding your blog that I was hoping you could answer! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

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