Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Half-Day In the Life With 2 Kids

I won't bury the lead. The worst thing about having 2 kids is how much laundry we're having to do these days. The rest of the hard things I realize are only a phase.

Kennedy and I don't really like to post "bad" things pertaining to our kids. For me, I don't want it to ever be misconstrued that I don't enjoy my kids. I also don't want to give people the wrong idea about what kind of kids they are. They're amazing kids who do amazing and adorable things, who are also human and do "bad" things every once in a while too. So there's that for anyone who was wondering.

Anyway, if you're wanting to know what it's like having 2 kids now (11 weeks and 1 day in), here it is!

7:15 am - I woke up in Savannah's room. I'm so thankful we have a bed in there. She's been congested the last few days, so I've ended up sleeping in her room every night around the 3rd time she wakes up to eat. You read that right - THE THIRD TIME.

I hear a loud BANG BANG BANG followed by our idiot dog barking to be let out of our room. Kennedy left for work earlier and shut them in there.

When I get up and go in our room, there's an overwhelming smell of dog poo. Check all corners and find it politely placed atop a pile of clothes Kennedy intends to take to the dry cleaners. Also, where there's poo, there's pee. I clean it up.

7:30 am - Take a shower and get dressed before I go get Campbell up. He's been awake for about 30 min, but thankfully he just lays in his crib talking/singing til someone comes and gets him.

8:30 am - We finally make it all the way downstairs (after getting everyone dressed/feeding Savannah) to get breakfast for C & me, and treats for the dogs.

Cece barfs on the floor. I clean it up.

Savannah goes to sleep in the swing for a couple of hours and Campbell and I spend time playing, watching Cookie Monster videos on YouTube, Facetiming Stephanie and Audrey, and doing stickers.

10:45 am - Feed Savannah while Campbell watches Sesame Street. Thank you, Lord, for Sesame Street (and PBS Kids in general.)

11:15 am - After packing up some snacks for C, I've decided we will go on a walk. (Thanks Stephanie, for the inspiration!) Campbell agreed to sit in the stroller, and I carry Baby S in the K'Tan. Zac Brown Band station on Pandora, hiyo!

Off we go. Oh look over there, Campbell! Look at that giant bird - OH MY G-- nevermind! Look away! Look at that tree over there!

(At this point, I witnessed the murder of a live chipmunk by what I believe was a broad-winged hawk. You better believe I googled Indiana birds of prey to identify the culprit.)

At any rate, I will never be able to get the image of a live chipmunk squirming for dear life in this hawk's talons - being carried to its nest atop a neighbors chimney.

Later in the walk I was attacked by a bee or wasp. LITERALLY ATTACKED. It tried to burrow into my ponytail several times, despite my incessant shrieking and swatting. I ended up sprinting down the sidewalk wearing Savannah in the K'Tan and pushing Campbell in the stroller.

When things settled down, I looked back and there was a woman watching the whole thing, probably thinking I was some crazy person who had kidnapped 2 kids and taken them for a stroller joy-ride.

That settles it, I'm not meant to be active or work out in any capacity.

12:00 pm - Get home, finish feeding lunch to Campbell, get Pioneer Woman's Dr Pepper Pulled Pork going in the crock pot. I. Am. Superwoman!!!

12:30 pm - Mid-feeding of Savannah, my legs start to feel warm. I look down and she has that glazed over look in her eye. Then I hear it.

So now I can add getting pooped on to my list: "Bodily Fluids I've Had To Clean Up Today That Do Not Belong To Me".

The bright side is that 3 days ago, Campbell threw up all over the couch, so I took off every tufted cover and washed them. I swore off bare couches after that, so there were blankets draped over everything. It's SO much easier to wash a blanket than a tufted couch cushion, lemmetellyou.

So, bathtime it is. Upstairs we all go! (And have you had to get a toddler anywhere in a hurry? It doesn't happen. Unless your hands are full and you're in a parking lot or next to a busy street. Then all of a sudden they're an Olympic-caliber sprinter.)

Savannah gets a bath and some clean clothes while Campbell watches SuperWhy and eats Cheerios on our bed. (Did I already thank the Lord for PBS Kids?)

Carry Savannah over to our bed to find Campbell pulling all the wipes out of the wipes container one-by-one. UGH. I hate when he does that. Rookie mistake for leaving them within reach.

But OH MY GOSH, all that poop and pee and throw up is worth it, because this:

Unsolicited, Campbell crawls across the bed to Savannah and lays his head on her belly. After a reminder for him to be gentle fell on deaf ears, I had to pull that love-muffin off his sister and those pictures happened.

12:50 pm - NAP TIME. Read a book. Campbell's down. Boom.

1:00 pm - NAP TIME. Rock this girl. Say some SHHHHs. Savannah's down. BOOM.

Go downstairs. Eat a sandwich. Turn on House M.D. Savannah's awake (15 minutes. New record!)

Aaaaaand that's a half-day in the life with 2 kids now. It's rough. It's exhausting. It's hilarious and infuriating. It's a circus over here!


Anonymous said...

All well worth it! - Mom

william and brittany said...

Makes me tired just reading it. And our poor dog got kicked to being an outside dog except for at night when RK was born. You are a saint for putting up with them pooping on stuff! I also understand what you mean about talking about your kiddos. It's hard to figure out where to tell the truth (they can be holly terrors) and where to just emphasize how amazing they are. I have this trouble about every aspect of social media! Balancing "being real" with saying too much to people you don't even really know. Props to ya, girl!

Serviced Apartments London Lady said...

Adorable, thanks for taking us along on your day with you! Sounds like you had a ball with the kiddiwinks!

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