Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Currently "Homeless"

Technically, we have no home, although I believe that home is where your dog is (I know this from experience.) So I have 3 homes?

An update on our life as of late:

-Sold our house and they close TODAY, July 31st. We don't have to be at closing because we signed it all over to the relocation company. I'm glad for this because today I am having second thoughts about selling my house. Mostly, I miss going into the nursery (as I predicted I would.)

-We bought a house in the Indianapolis area and close on August 15th. We will caravan to Indy with my parents (plus my 3.... home-dogs?) starting on August 13th. That will be C's first road trip, and he decided last week that he hates the car seat, so that's exciting.

-Our entire house was packed up on Thursday and Friday of last week. It is now on an 18-wheeler somewhere between DFW and Indianapolis. I literally do not know where my bed is. Weird.

-Campbell rolled over from back to front today! It was a one-and-done kind of thing, but exciting none-the-less!

-3 years ago, when we moved back to TX from South Dakota, we lived with my parents while we waited for the short sale on our house to be finalized (which ended up taking 3 months!!!!!!!) Now, we are living with my parents again. Things are different now, because instead of 1 dog, we have 3. Also, we have a baby.

-I'm watching women's tennis (doubles) - USA vs Poland. Poland has cute uniforms (outfits?) That has nothing to do with me or my life, but still.

-Emily chose Jef, and so far there is no proof of her affair with Chris Harrison. Real Housewives is in their off-season and the Olympics is not even close to dramatic enough for me.

-[Update: There is a new series on BRAVO called Love Broker, and I think it will fill my reality void for now. Real quote from a woman on a first (blind) date: "So have you ever texted a picture of your junk to someone?" My, how the dating game has changed since my first date with Kennedy. But for all my single/dating friends -- I feel that this is a legitimate, dare I say, really important question to ask before you begin a relationship with someone.]

I am ready to be DONE with this move. I have a good-sized Pinterest board going for the new house, I miss sleeping in a king-sized bed, and I miss routine. This 2 month limbo is wearing me OUT to say the least.

The only thing I need to do before we drive up there is compile a Texas-themed playlist for the car ride.  Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below.

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