Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boy, oh Boy!

Well, time for one of my bi-yearly updates! Seriously, I don't even remember I have a blog most days anymore. Could be that "pregnancy brain" that I keep hearing about, or could be the million other things going on.

The next few updates are long, long overdue, so I'll do my best to cover everything!

First things, first

The most recent update on my brain is actually happening as I type. We are *literally* (said in the voice of Rob Lowe's character from Parks & Rec), days away from being done with the bathroom! Kennedy is a madman. A workhorse, I tell you!

I haven't been able to contribute much, given my "condition." So in the past 2-3 weeks, Kennedy has finished tiling the bathroom floor, installed wainscoting all around the bathroom, and painted (and is still painting) said wainscoting. Right now, I'm laying on the bed blogging while he installs subway tile in the shower. It's beautiful.

Let's stop to take a pointless vote: White grout or grey grout on the white subway tiles? Here's a picture of the bathroom to help you decide.

The point is moot, because Kennedy wants white grout. I decided that since he is forced to do everything, he will get the final say. I think grey would look nice, but it might be difficult to hide any mistakes.

As for the wall color (above the wainscoting, obviously) we are leaning in the direction of a soft grey - maybe with green or blue undertones.

Lady Antebellum on Pandora, and apparently Elvis loves them. He's resting peacefully next to the laptop. What a freaking cute bear-dog-monster thing.

Most important things second

First is the worst, second is the best - never been so true. That bathroom is a beast. But now let's discuss something from 3 weeks ago.

IT'S A BOY!!!!

We went in for our very first sonogram a few weeks ago, at 19 weeks. We invited the Grandmas to come along. Of course my mom was in (the Dr's office is about 5 minutes from her office downtown,) but we weren't sure about Kennedy's mom. She lives out of state, and it's more difficult for her to get over this way. Luckily! Stars aligned and she was able to get a paid trip to Dallas to be in that tiny little room with us. It was really special to have our Moms there.

We were definitely shocked, because we had convinced ourselves it was a girl (going off of old wives tales we read on the internet.) Oh, how times must have changed! What would we do without our internet?

Anyway, now we're (Kennedy's) slaving away on the bathroom so we can start on the nursery!

And then there was work

School started 2 weeks ago. This year I'm teaching 7th & 8th grade Science (again.) I must say, overall my students seem a lot more intrinsically motivated (to use a teacher phrase). They are also overall a lot sweeter. I'm sure it's still a honeymoon phase for them, but I'm definitely being a dragon lady so I can get them trained.

It is good to be back and in a routine. Here's to a successful school year!

I believe we are about caught up here, so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Thanks for reading!

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