Sunday, July 17, 2011

Money can't buy you cla-hass

Once upon a time, Kennedy and I decided it would be worth our time to completely gut our master bathroom and renovate it ourselves.

(See that huge window? That used to be where our old vanity and mirror was!)

We were working really hard, and had a good rhythm going, but then we hit a wall. (i.e. Spring Break ended). Then it was TAKS (state testing) season and I was basically at work from 7a-7p every day. Then TAKS was over and I just wanted to come home and crash every day. Kennedy was also very busy, but managed to do a little work here and there.

It has taken us 5 months, but we are FINALLY gaining some steam and are hopefully in the home stretch of this bathroom renovation. Here's a quick list of what we have done so far! Skip it if you don't like lists, because there are some current pictures down below!

  • Gutted the entire bathroom including knocking down a couple of non load-bearing walls
  • Replaced one window and added a completely new window (see above photos)
  • Framed out a new shower 
  • Hung mold-resistant drywall
  • Taped and mudded all drywall seams
  • Hung cement board in the shower
  • Re-did the sub floors and laid cement board down on the floors
  • Textured the walls and ceilings
Thanks to the help of my wonderful parents (specifically my Dad, the tile expert), we now have our tile floor down. It has yet to be grouted, but the thin set is upstairs drying as I type this! Please enjoy some progress pictures now.

Kennedy and Dad getting the first few tiles down

Almost done!

View from the door

View from the shower

Now that we're finally seeing some visible progress, let's hope we can stay motivated and get this thing done soon, because...

We're gonna have a baby in January! (Like you didn't know.)

Pictures to follow.

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Laura Beaver said...

I love the title of this post, and am not ashamed I know where it came from. Awesome work on the bathroom!

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