Friday, January 24, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Mood Board

Guess what! I'm a little over 6 weeks away from my due date, which simultaneously seems forever away and way too close for comfort. Pregnancy this time around isn't such a walk in the park, which, if you've spent any amount of time in my presence lately, you've heard me complain.

I'm sure I can attribute most of the discomfort and exhaustion to this little 2 year old bundle of joy.

C's 2nd birthday - He loves having the 'Happy Birthday' song sung to him.

The nursery is well under way, but I haven't really shared any of what we're doing yet. Mostly because I was just gonna quit blogging all together, but then when I tried to pick out fabrics, I realized I just needed to make a mood board or something so I can organize my vision.

I've never made a mood board before, but I see them all over Pinterest, so why not give it a go??

First, let's start with what this room looked like before it went into the nursery transition. 

This was just one of our guest rooms before. And before the walls were mud colored, they were actually pepto bismol pink! So really all I did in there before was paint. Glad I didn't do much else because we ended up changing everything, but also, I wish I had because this is usually the room my Mother-in-law stays in when she visits, and it wasn't all that cute. :-/

Now behold, my very first ever mood board!!!

I'm feeling kind of awkward about naming a nursery theme, but whatevs. YOLO. The paint color we chose is Cactus Blossom by Olympic from Lowe's. Reads a little more minty at night, but it could be the lightbulbs we have? The color on the board is pretty true to real life during the day.

1) Martha Stewart Sunburst Mirror from Home Depot - can be found here. Already had this in our bedroom before we moved, but couldn't make it work in this house. Works perfectly with some of the other accents I'll be putting in the room.

2) Prints from Katie Daisy's Etsy shop - TheWheatfield - I am obsessssssssed with everything in this shop. I want to plaster all the walls in my house with her watercolors. Kennedy probably definitely wouldn't allow that. I got 2 prints for Christmas from my Secret Santa Sister-in-law, Stephanie. Ordered a 3rd a couple of weeks ago and waiting on it to arrive...

3) Swivel Rocker/Recliner by Best Chairs Storytime Series - Can find a local vendor here. We bought ours from Decor4Kids (a local kids furniture store in Indy), and if you're in the area, BUY FROM THEM. The customer service was phenomenal. 

4) White Jenny Lind style crib by DaVinci - bought it on Amazon. Just arrived today, so it's still in the box. I'll let you know what I think about it...

5) Knit Pouf Ottoman - Walmart! Of all places. I haven't ordered this yet, but at only $39, I'm thinking I can't get too disappointed. I don't really need an ottoman, since the chair is a recliner, but I need a little more color, and this will allow me to rock while having my feet up. I'm not all that much of a fan of rocking ottomans, since I feel like you end up having to work harder...

I'm also going off of this nursery I found on Pinterest for the crib bedding, (hence the fabric swatches above.)

UPDATE: image via

For some reason I took a screenshot of the pin with my phone, but then forgot to Pin it, so I need to look for the original source. Still searching for that perfect floral pattern for the crib skirt. It's like a Holy Grail hunt, hence my need to mood board it.

Now on to some progress pictures!

Kennedy took down the old chair rail and installed our "signature" board and batten, that seems to show up in all our houses. Then he painted the top half with Olympic Cactus Blossom while I stayed in the other room and watched Once Upon A Time on Netflix.

This is the view from the door. The empty wall space is where the crib will go (for now). Still wrestling over the layout of the room, as I have insisted we have a full-sized bed in there. (It's a white antique iron bed frame that we already had, and I believe every nursery needs a bed if there is room for it. Can't tell you how many nights I ended up falling asleep in Campbell's nursery those first 6 months!)

C decided the room was missing a Halloween pumpkin full of matchbox cars.

Here's the antique Craigslist dresser that I repainted in Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Paris Grey. I replaced the knobs with some pink glass pulls from Hobby Lobby. This will be the changing table (gotta get that TV outta there...)

So that's what I have so far! I still need to find curtains, as well as THE PERFECT floral fabric for the crib skirt. I'm also making a little something to hang over the changing table, and planning on doing that this weekend while we're snowed in YET AGAIN. The rest is just hanging stuff on the walls! Then I can move on to organizing the closet and buying diapers and all the un-fun stuff that comes with preparing for a newborn.

Hope to be back soon with another update!


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Lydia Farrell said...

I just have to tell you it was providence that I found your blog... I was looking for cheap paint, and bought a can of "oops" paint from Habitat for Humanity.... I painted a wall and decided I needed to google this paint color to see what else I could do with the bedroom... so I googled "Olympic cactus blossom" and found this blog post...
Well... I had no idea that it would lead me to TheWheatfield's etsy page... I have LOOOOVVVVVEEEED a certain print of hers for EVER, but had no idea where the source was, until just now. I'm scrolling through her entire inventory with tears in my eyes because I've decided to cover all the walls of my entire house with her artwork! More imporantly, I'm going to order a print for my best friend who lost her son at birth, his first birthday is coming up, and this artwork is just her style.
I'm so thankful for that silly cheap can of paint!
Anyways, thanks for blogging, you never know what part you are going to play in someone's life because of it!

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