Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Things About My Life Right Now

It's not that I don't care about my blog, I do. But there hasn't been much to blog about. We are kind of at a stopping point as far as house projects go (at least, until it's time to start on the new nursery.) So maybe I'll try to ease back into this by talking about my daily life. I promise, it's kind of boring. But maybe I need to do this in order to dispel the myth that I get to nap every day and do nothing the rest of the time.

Here's a fun list!

1. Still pregnant. (16 weeks on Wednesday, and we find out the gender in 4 weeks!)

Campbell knows what a baby is, and calls my belly "Baby," although I'm not sure if he has put the two together. I think he is going to have an adjustment period when it's time to share attention full time (and my heart will break into a million pieces over this.)

We spent this past weekend in DFW visiting my new niece (plus the rest of the family), and Campbell spent some significant time sharing attention with family babies (his cousin Olivia and cousin Graham.)

With cousin Graham

His reaction to the babies? Ignore them and maybe they'll go away. Or rather, ignore the person holding/caring for the baby. Apparently holding a baby renders one invisible in his eyes. He did give baby Olivia an unsolicited head-cuddle (putting his head down next to hers,) but it only happened once and he didn't want attention for it. Almost as if to say, "It's not you, it's them, Baby."

I got to hold sweet baby Olivia a BUNCH

Also, what is up with people not freaking out enough on my behalf that we are going to have 2 kids instead of just 1 in a few months?!?! I appreciate the vote of confidence (that's what I'll take it as, not that having a 2nd child is just considered old hat,) but DO YOU REALIZE WHAT WE ARE STEPPING IN TO HERE???

But seriously, thank you for not making a big deal about that aspect of having baby #2. It would probably only agitate me further. And by agitate me further, I mean, irritability is sure rearing its ugly head. I won't go into it, so as to keep that dragon chained up.

2. Grocery Shopping

Why do I wait until Monday morning to do my grocery shopping? Everything is in the process of being stocked, so I inevitably have to go back. Also, why do I wait until Monday morning to plan out our meals for the week? Oh yeah, because I'm a procrastinator and self-punisher.

BUT, this is the first week in many weeks months that I have made a menu and bought for it. Kennedy's going to be excited that we aren't having PBJs for dinner. That is, if I get around to cooking what I planned.

Campbell has a love/hate relationship with the grocery store. He loves it until he hates it, and then I have to run around with the cart like I'm a contestant on Supermarket Sweep.

He has figured out how to climb out of the cart seat and stand up. And homeboy has STRONG quad muscles, so there's no holding him down. Today I had to pull the cart over next to the "hispanic food" shelf while he stood up.

This kid is smart. He knows he's not supposed to stand in the cart, so in order to manipulate me into not forcing his little legs down, he reached over, put his arms around my head and started kissing my neck. Then I said, "You need to sit down," but he could tell I was crumbling, so he grabbed my head in his hands and started kissing my face. Then we just stood there for a couple of minutes while he smiled at me and gave me kisses so he could stand up in the cart. And of course I let him, because he refused to even look at me the whole weekend (see above: Baby Jealousy) so I'll take whatever I can get.

WHERE DID HE LEARN THIS TACTIC? He can have whatever he wants. What. Ever. He. Wants.

Skeleton tantrum

I finally got him to sit with no tears by bribing him with a mini light-saber flashlight that was on clearance. So I win? Uhhh...

3. Pulling Weeds

Our entire front yard is full of weeds. I have spent a few hours over the course of a few days pulling weeds. I'm still not done. But I pulled a bunch today. The End.

4. I'm a handy-woman!

I don't know about you, but I hate our sliding glass door. It's heavy and it gets stuck in the track and I have to use all my might to close it. The kind of might that causes a hernia.

I miss all our french doors at our old house (along with the rest of our old house, but we won't dwell.)

I fixed it today though. Wanna know how? Cooking spray. BOOYAH, WD40. You couldn't get the job done, but Olive Oil in an aerosol can could! Put that on Pinterest. Somebody.

5. Baby Monitor and Baby Daddy

Yesterday when we got home from Dallas, Kennedy plugged the baby monitor in and "the adapter started smoking and it was burning hot." Then all of a sudden, the monitor wouldn't charge and wasn't getting any power from the outlet.

I had a mini-meltdown in which I calmly stated that I couldn't properly care for our son if I couldn't see him while he was sleeping. Kennedy ignored my panic, which infuriated me further. But we finally decided to try just exchanging it at Buy Buy Baby, where we bought it almost a year ago.

I called them and said we didn't have a receipt, but that the monitor didn't work. They said, come on in, we'll give you an even exchange. Who does that? Buy Buy Baby does that. That's not the first time I've been impressed with their customer service, but it is worth mentioning that if you have one near you, you should shop there for all your baby needs.

I made Kennedy go in and do the exchange while C and I waited in the car because I'm a chicken. He's my hero.

Then we went to Target and Kennedy picked out adorable fall clothes for Campbell because he loves spoiling him. Then later, right after Kennedy did Campbell's bath and put him down for bed, he sat on the couch and watched videos of Campbell on his phone over and over because he missed him.

My point is not to show that Kennedy pretty much did everything for Campbell yesterday while I laid on the couch with a headache. It's to brag about how much my Baby Daddy loves C. And I hope one day Campbell will read my blog and see this and know that his Dada is obsessed with him.

6. That's all

See? Nothing to blog about.

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