Friday, May 31, 2013

Things That Are Wrong With Me

Holy Crap. I can't believe it has been one full month since I blogged, and the last thing I talked about included calling small children really ugly names. I'm sorry that was the first thing anyone saw when they visited my blog this month of May. I don't take back what I said about that kid, though.

This month has been ca-ra-zy. We've been all over the place, and I've done some things around the house and I simply have not had time and/or energy to share.

Then I started to blog last weekend and in the middle of that, I closed my laptop and took a nap. Then, when I woke up, I found out I was needed for an emergency babysitting situation 500 miles away THE NEXT MORNING. So there are my excuses!

You're probably like, alright, big deal, Sara. Now go ahead and tell me what things are wrong with you so I can feel a little better about myself.

I'll try, but I might have forgotten some of them since I first intended to write this.

1. Addicted to TV.  Addicted to bad TV.

Specifically, Ready For Love, which aired maybe 3 episodes before it was cancelled. Sad day for me. Followed by a happy day when I found out all the episodes would still be uploaded to

What do I love about this show? I really couldn't tell you. It's pretty damn terrible. But I'm in it til the end. I'm emotionally invested, maybe even more than the contestants, at this point. So that's one thing.

2. I can't stop painting things

(Grainy sneak peek at one of our guest rooms.)

I painted the final room that is going to be painted in our current house. GLORY HALLELUJAH. I hate painting walls. I went back and forth for WEEKS about what color I should paint this room, and finally landed on a custom paint color -- The main reason? It was FREE. The other reason? I was influenced by Nate Berkus. More on that in another post, hopefully not a month from now.

Anyway, as much as I hate painting walls, I have become obsessed with spray painting things. Here's my list of things I have recently spray-painted: This dresser in our front entry, an antique iron bed frame (for our other guest room, and that's another post, too), 2 bar stools, a bunch of mason jars...

And I'm not done, either. I still have a bunch of other things in a running list in my mind. It has gotten to the point that I am literally walking from room to room in our house thinking to myself, "would that look good with gold metallic spray paint?" and "What if that was hot pink?"

You can try and stop me, but it would be a waste of your time. I'm a spray-paint-aholic.

3a. Kennedy and I went to Costa Rica

3b. And I held a giant snake

Ain't nothing wrong with 3a, but I feel like you needed to know that I got to go to Costa Rica. Does it make you feel less jealous if I tell you I got a 24-hour stomach bug while I was there that made me miss a catamaran-and-snorkeling trip?

3b, on the other hand: what the bleep is wrong with me? That thing almost wrapped itself around my neck and torso in order to sever my spinal cord. I made it out alive this time. This time.

4. I have been wearing my hair in a french braid a la 6th grade about 85-90% of the time lately.

And no, I'm not going to share a picture.


Robin Garcia said...

I'll confess: I've been watching Ready for Love also. And was scared to ask who else has been watching it because... well it was a cancelled, bad, very bad show. But alas... WHAT are your thoughts on Ernesto and Shandi???? Been dying to ask someone else what they thought!

Sara Dean said...

Robin, after seeing the Shandi shrine, I thought he would dump her and go for Alba. I don't think he and Shandi have anything in common!

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