Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Crazy! I've written 150 blog posts! Good for me.

I miss this old blog, and believe it or not, I've actually been able to be semi-productive despite having a newborn. Of course, it's not so much projects as it is keeping up with housework and laundry. I have to remind myself sometimes that it's really not that big of a deal to do those things with a baby around, because generations before me have done the same thing and not expected praise for it. But I'm proud of myself for folding laundry in the same week that it was washed, dammit!

Today was a rough day for Campbell and me. We are in a bit of a fuss phase. Yay. When Campbell gets fussy, I get fussy. It's pretty ugly.

In order to forget what today was like, I'll post some pictures where he is acting like a perfect angel:

Time for a Mom update! (Feel free to skip this if you're completely uninterested in what's going on with me and my kid. I remember those days...)

1. Campbell was 4 weeks old last Friday, but 1 month on Monday. This confuses and bothers me. 

2. Birth announcements have been ordered! Sometimes I hate being so cheap - Wish I had forked out some $$ for newborn pictures in that first week (before he started crying.)

3. Went for his 1 month appointment on Monday and he's grown 2 inches and gained almost 2 lbs (net) since birth. I don't know what percentile he's in for anything. Sue me.

4. Guess what? Campbell is crying right this minute!

5. I love him.


minda312 said...

This post made me really happy.

Especially the whole "i don't know what percentile he's in...sue me"

HAAAAAA. loved it.

and ps. i don't even know you all that well, but Sara, you're doing a GREAT JOB. Seriously. Hormones and all. It'll be worth it :-)

Sara D said...

Thanks Minda! It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but the most rewarding. I'm loving every second!

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