Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas decoration extravaganza!

I got him! I finally convinced Kennedy to help me decorate. (In his defense, he always gets all the decorations from the attic for me, so he's not a total grinch.) But this year, he has put his thumb in the actual decorating pie, and it's like Christmas synergy at the Dean house!

Man's a natural. He even put up Christmas lights on the house (first time in 3 years!) I'll go ahead and give the baby credit for his Christmas cheer. He is so excited he doesn't know what to do with himself.

So yesterday I decided to decorate in room themes. I now have a candy cane room (stole this idea from sister Emily) and a peacock room (so trendy right now!)

In addition, I made a fun Christmas sign using ONLY materials we had on our property. Translation: FREE Christmas decor.

Take a look!
In the stairwell! (Ignore the following things: baby gate propped up against the bottom step, any dents or divots in the walls...)

Close-up of the signs! (I miss Hawai'i.)

I love Christmas decor!

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