Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maybe not

Maybe I'm not nesting, because today I haven't done a dang thing except go to the dog park and then nap. I needed that though.

But, I have more to share from that one day I was nesting (yesterday).

First of all, Kennedy has forbidden us to share any more progress pictures of the bathroom until it is completely finished. Here's the last posted internet photo that we have. I'm currently trying to talk Kennedy into installing the toilet today.

He didn't say anything, however, about sharing pictures of the vanity we're modifying! We are using the old vanity that was already in the bathroom, but it was a mess. It previously featured a nice, dirty white color with stains and chipped paint. It was also realllllllly low to the ground. Meaning, it was below my hip, and I'm short. No wonder Kennedy's side always had toothpaste splatters all over the mirror.

This is a picture from the day we moved in. You can kind of see the vanity there, but there was really no way to ever get a full picture of it because the bathroom was so narrow. The vanity will be moving to the opposite wall.

Here is 1/3 of the vanity before I started taking all the doors and hardware off to sand it. Look a little closer at the disgusting baseboard...

Ignore all the dirt and dust you might see, because the vanity has been sitting in the garage for close to 8 months at this point. I do clean our bathrooms, even if it doesn't show...

So anyway, last weekend I sanded all the doors and cabinets so they could be ready for some fresh paint. We decided to go with a bright white (shocker.) We also decided to use an oil-based paint, so I could not participate in the painting (darn.)

A benefit of oil-based is that it is MUCH more durable compared to latex. It won't chip or peel later down the road,which is great for cabinets and furniture. A not so great thing about it is that the Home Depot lady will chastise you for buying this when you're pregnant, resulting in your poor husband having to do yet another part of the bathroom remodel alone. I guess I don't blame her for the warning...the can's label does say "Causes birth defects"...

Kennedy, you're such a trooper.

So, I mentioned earlier that it was way too short. I like tall counters, so we decided to jack this baby up on some spun legs.

Here's a picture of a leg, post-priming. You can see that we had to add those little 2x4 blocks to raise the height even more. We also decided to add a trim piece along the bottom, but wanted most of the leg to show, so that was another solution.

Here's where we were before the first coat of oil-based paint (and a better idea of what our vanity will look like when it's done!)

Before, the middle piece had 3 drawers in it, but the drawers were a PAIN. The drawer tracks were all crazy, so the drawers would open sideways or fall out when you pulled on them. It was annoying. We decided we liked the look of open shelving better, so we just took out the pieces separating the drawers and added a shelf in the middle. We'll probably put a woven basket or two on the top shelf, and folded towels on the bottom. Or something like that.

5. The number of times I said "drawer" in that last paragraph.

Sneak peek of what it will look like with trim?!?!

I can't wait to brush my teeth next to this thing! It practically comes up to my neck! (In a good way.)

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hibbardch said...

It looks good, I love tall stuff countertops too!

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