Thursday, May 19, 2011

A post about nothing

It is inevitable that if I bring home papers to grade in front of the TV, that they will sit on the counter only to be toted back to school the next day. But I have things to do at home! Like check blogs! And watch the dogs wrestle on the couch! And do a hydroxy mask!

I'm closing in on the last couple of weeks of school in my "first year" teaching (although, I consider all years working with kids in a classroom setting teaching, this was the first year in a public school). I am giving myself a big pat on the back for 1. Surviving, 2. Not quitting, 3. Remaining professional (mostly) when dealing with rude middle-schoolers.

I'm wishing I had documented my first year a little better, just so I could go back and look at it. But then I think, when would I have had the time? 

Perhaps I will instead write a book on how over-extended our public school teachers are. I don't even care that I'm underpaid for the amount of work I do, I'd just like a couple of hours in the day/days in the week/extra arms so I could get everything done that needs to get done!

I promise, in the next week or two, to continue on with this old blog of mine. I have many goals set for this summer, and most should make it to this blog!

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