Thursday, August 5, 2010


I thought my one-hundredth post would be more climactic than this...whoops.

Last Friday morning, Kennedy & I bombed our house for fleas. Then when we got home that afternoon, we spent 6-7 hours cleaning EVERYTHING. (Just an FYI, fleas are gone for now...)

Except I lied to myself because I didn't really clean everything. I cleaned the main rooms where we hang out (Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom), and piled all our crap in all the other rooms (read: office.)

I'm swimming in junk mail and folders and books and loose change as I type this. I am proud of us though, because those other rooms have stayed fairly clean. Wanna know how I did it?

When I'm in the bedroom and I'm tempted to leave my laundry on the floor, I hear a little voice saying "Why can't you just put those away?"

When I'm in the kitchen and I'm tempted to leave dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink, the voice tells me, "Let's try to keep this kitchen clean, ok?"

When I'm in the living room and I want to leave all my craft supplies all over the coffee table, the voice is all "The dogs are going to get into that if you leave it out."

Where is this voice coming from all of a sudden? My husband's mouth.

Poor Kennedy is stuck with a messy wife.

Also, on a different topic, I'm pretty sure my contact lens prescription is 3 years old.


Courtney said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say that little voice you kept hearing was your Mother's voice :)

Stephanie Dean said...

Happy 100th Post! I've been trying to do the same around here, now if I could just get Stinson to catch on!

kristin elena. said...

ugh fleas are the worst! i gave up trying to get rid of them and my poor babies get flea meds every month. thats what sucks about apt life!

good job on cleaning! i've let things go tremendously lately. it just gets so messy/dirty so quickly! and its hot. thats my excuse for everything until october. :]

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