Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There are lots of things I could be doing right now. Perhaps I need to purge my thoughts before I can organize my day.

Still no job but I applied for several today. What else is new? Was just about to walk out the door to take an application up to Starbucks, but called ahead and the manager is out of town. Now I think I'll wait. Some more.

In other news, I had to schedule a biopsy on my thyroid for next week. I'm not so excited about this. Beside the fact that they're going to be sticking a needle in my neck, the doctor said it was a 10-15% chance that it was something serious. Obviously, that freaks me out, so I think I'll stop thinking about it, starting....now.

Kennedy and I worked all weekend on the house. Since I don't have a job, Labor Day was the opposite for me. While everyone else rested, I worked. Kennedy worked too, but he never stops working. We replaced our front porch lighting fixtures, as well as put one in the kitchen that the dear previous owners decided to take with them (along with all our switch plates and outlet covers and shower heads - do I bring that up too much? I feel like I've said that a lot already...)
Kennedy also trimmed some more branches out front so the house is now visible from across the street.

Our old lighting fixture, available on Craigslist soon!

Our new fixtures (There is one on either side of the door)

Here is the light fixture we FINALLY, after about a month of talking about it, decided on.

This is what the trees out front looked like before...

And here it is after...There are still more limbs we want to trim back, but we do not have the necessary ladder height at this time.

Kennedy and our neighbor, Chuck, repaired the columns on the back patio that had been chewed apart by the dear previous owners' bull dogs. Then Kennedy and I painted over all the stains, dirt, and who knows what else. They now look nice, new, and white.

This is in the process of repair - I didn't get any before pictures of the columns, but you can see around the corners where the dogs had chewed holes in the columns. You can also see how dirty and stained the wood was.

Here they are, finished!

Here's another column with some of the monkey grass my mom and I transplanted from the front yard.

I painted our stair risers and have started to paint the baseboards and molding in the stair case. Of course, now I'm going to have to paint ALL THE MOLDING in the house so that it will all match. But it all needs new paint anyway, as there are lots of chips and scratches and stains.

Here it is before....

Here it is after....or in the process, I should say. You'll notice I got white paint all over the walls, but that's only because I'm going to paint over that awful grey/purple/what is that color anyway?

This house continually needs work, but it's such satisfying work. It's been so fun to see the house come together, little by little. I'd like to start painting our shutters and front door this week, if I can talk Kennedy into climbing a ladder and taking them down for me...We shall see.


Courtney said...

Wow... everything looks so great! You must be working your butt off, it looks like a completely different house from the ones on facebook.

Stephanie Dean said...

Your house is looking beautiful! I want to come help you and to come visit the "nice" house!

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