Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diets, Riots, and More!

Today is a special day, friends. Today is the first day that I have FULLY QUIT the Fat Flush Plan.

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Okay, here's the breakdown of it all. Two weeks ago yesterday, Kennedy decided to try out this fat flush plan, recommended to us by Stephanie and Stinson. I reluctantly agreed, trying to play the good wife and support my husband.

The short of it is this: no bread/wheat products, NO DAIRY, no caffeine, no sugar, and you have to add all this other stuff in like flaxseed and flaxseed oil. There's also a cranberry-water solution involved. All of this is to detox your body, cleanse the liver which is responsible for breaking down anything you ingest, yadda yadda. It's legit. I read the first 3 chapters and was PUMPED to try it because it sounded so good for you.

Well, I made it. Two weeks on this diet, and I cheated every single day. But it was in moderation, so I actually have lost 3 pounds. Not to mention we started P90X the same day as the diet.

The diet is actually something like 6 or 8 weeks involving some lifestyle change at the end, but I am quitting because I NEED CHEESE. I NEED BREAD. But I definitely will have those things in moderation from now on. And I think I might stick to the no caffeine thing for a bit longer.

If you are wanting to lose weight, and do so in a healthy way that rids your body of harmful toxins in our food, then I recommend Fat Flush. Go buy the book. Just don't start it right before any kind of holiday or birthday or vacation.

Kennedy has lost 8 pounds and he has cheated one time total. Good for him!

In other news, I am starting book 4 of the Twilight Saga (Breaking Dawn.)


I can't wait for the New Moon movie! Twilight books will turn you into a teenage girl.
Ummm...I'm at a loss for words now. I think I'll go add some pictures to my facebook!

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Stephanie Dean said...

you are too cute! i love the post and congrats on making it two weeks! also, i love the twilight books too and can't wait for New Moon either!

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